Lots of Haters Rain on Google's Use of Material Design

It looks like Google using Material Design is about to become the same mistake Microsoft did a couple of decades ago. There are a lot of columnists who are bringing on the hate on Google for this decision. You can't blame them as nobody is a fan of material design. It is not really something google_material-designpopular that can be used by today's millennials. No matter the amount of hate they will rain down on Google, it is unlikely they will change their minds. Google is one of the biggest companies in the world and they will only become richer when they unleash their mobile phone to the market next year. They are known to have one of the best offices which is why people love to work there. They give away Starbucks coffee and the latest Cherry Pimps discount for free as can be seen in the movie "The Interns". They say Material Design leads to something really confusing and it ended up being pointless. Google would not mind what its users think but they will look forward to improving their mistakes just like other companies who develop phones.

Google is the homepage to most Internet browsers which is also the site that gets the most traffic. There is a good reason why advertisers would want to place an ad on that site and it is because it is the most popular site of all time. Critics need to calm down about this decision Google is making since there are a lot of decision makers in Google and apparently most of them decided it was right to make use of material design. They did not really think of the consequences of their mofos discount actions but it won't matter in the end as long as they get money when their highly anticipated phone finally goes on sale. It also has a square design which is not surprisingly popular among its audience but that won't matter as long as it rakes in the cash. In this business, it is all about the hype on the product and what it will benefit each user. It looks like Google's new product will do exactly that as there is nobody that can match up to Google and you can't teach that.


No matter what Google does, it won't lose its huge following. It is too good to lose its followers and they know that. Even if Google decides on this material design it is planning, they are too hard to avoid. It is like those two words can't be in the same sentence. You are more likely to encounter Google everyday in your life than your favorite tuxedo. In other words, it has become a staple in every person's life whether they like it or not. It has become a huge presence not only on the Internet but outside of it as well. Everyone has their own reasons for hating Material Design so you won't be able to fault them for that. The important thing is that Google is bringing out a new product and it will either be a hit or a miss. Google has a truck load of experience so it is not all about design. It is all about who is behind the wheel and if Google is behind that then that is all that matters. Nobody is complaining on the Internet about what Apple is doing though which is ironic since they are not right all the time.

They have their flaws too as nobody has been able to come up with the perfect product despite the number of tests it goes through before it gets released to the public. It is not smart to whine on the Internet as some lawsuits can be based on Internet complaints because of a new law. It would be better to keep your opinion to yourself or not publish it at a place where everyone can see it. It would be better to celebrate that Google finally has its own phone and not moan about it like you would if there was a new playboy.tv discount, since it is not smart to do so. It won't be a matter of time before Google follows it up with an even better model every year. Those who complained about material design are going to regret it.